by Norman Simon Rodriguez

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Passiflora started as two completely separated pieces back in 2007, when I was studying at Medellín city. One night, while playing around with my guitar, I started to experiment with suspended fourth chords until eventually a very simple melodic line with chords emerged. Originally, it was meant to be a soul ballad, with a smooth sax having the main role, but things turned out to be rather different. This piece, later called Passion Flower, got archived and forgotten in a dusty folder for almost five years.

The story of Passion Fruit was similar. This time, by 2009 or 2010 (I do not remember well,) I wrote a piece for classical guitar and flute, which had a very vigorous arpeggio, but soon I lost interest in it and got back to my college work for about two years more.

Time passed by and I moved to Bogotá, where in 2012 I found them again between all my old notebooks and noticed their similar harmony. A decision was made: I wanted them to be part of a single work.

Then I got down to creating the perfect instrumentation, experimenting with guitar, flute, saxophone and all kinds of timbres, but it was the combo clarinet & strings wich made it at the end. Maybe a string quarted would have been enough, but even though the viola does not play a very significant role in Passiflora, I could not give up its mellow sound. In Passion Flower it performs a rythmical and harmonical pattern, whereas in Passion Fruit it doubles the clarinet and creates some interesting dissonances when the clarinet is momentaneously off.

Now, the name came accross to me in a rather unexpected way. When you write music, the lyrics and the names are probably what most versions have, and that was true for Passiflora's name. Between those that I remember were 'Los geranios' and 'Sinsonte'. One day, while listening to the music, the delicious smell of a maracuyá (passion fruit in Spanish) entered the room I was in and since then I could not stop associating the music with the smell. The smell came from a passion fruit tea that was boiling in the kettle.

Passion flowers, known in Spanish as pasionarias, are simply the flowers of the passion fruit plant, and the name, I think, suits the music very well. The suite's name, Passiflora, is just the flower's name in Latin.

I hope that you like these two little pieces, happily saved from oblivion.


Made using synth instruments in LMMS.

Passiflora Cover artwork and Passion Flower cover artwork: Passiflora Caerulea. By The Author, modifying Kuribo's Passion flower Osaka (link: Licensed CC BY S-A 3.0.

Passion Fruit cover artwork: By The Author, modifying Fibonacci's Maracuyá (link: Licensed CC BY S-A 3.0.


released April 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Norman Simon Rodriguez Bogota, Colombia

I'm the lucky owner and director of an electronic orchestra.
Also a classical guitarist.

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